Opening Weeks of the School Year

By Kathleen Visconti, Director of Enrollment Management

Autumn is my favorite time of year in Enrollment Management. We welcome our newest families and their excited, eager children to EMS. All in all, we have welcomed an average of 80 new children to EMS each year in the last five years. With your help, we are creating a family.

All of our systems are up and running at once. We have begun tours for entry in 2020-21, and have already received many applications. Occasionally, if we have room, we enroll a few children who have just moved to our area. All plans are in place, dates and events are confirmed. Outreach marketing is up and running. 

We held our Parents Admissions Network (PAN) training last week for our volunteers. It is so wonderful to listen to these seasoned EMS parents, recounting all of the ways an EMS education has shaped their children and themselves, as well as hearing their thoughtful suggestions on how to enhance our processes. 

Just a few weeks ago, we held our Student Ambassador (SA) training. This year, we have some 40 eager eighth-graders who want to help by attending our events, and by meeting some of our touring parents. An EMS graduate is impressive—with their poise, maturity, knowledge, speaking style, and most of all, their skill at respecting each other's opinions.

Today is our first First Year Information (FYI) meeting for first-year parents. This is a three-month series of meetings we hold to listen to our new families, help where we can, and provide speakers we believe will be of interest as these families adjust. 

EMS is a premier school. Nationally, locally, and even internationally, this year we are writing for and presenting at conferences to share what we do and how we do it, in order to help other NAIS and ECIS schools.

This time of autumnal change in the earth coincides nicely with our enrollment season. I liken it to that time when your child has learned to walk. Much like watching your toddler walk away from you, the Enrollment Management Department watches as our new families become current families.

I am awed by the skills and the heart that our leadership and teachers bring to our families. I can’t wait to see how the year progresses, and hear what new families have to tell us as they are no longer “the new kids on the block.” It's like watching a gift unfold, deliberately, and full of wonder.

So, now we turn to the next group of families that walk into EMS for the first time. From all of us in the Office of Enrollment, here’s to a rich, peaceful, meaningful, and wonderful year at EMS.

Kathleen Visconti