Preparing Children for a Lifetime of Learning

By Lauren Mactas, Director of Early Childhood

Doesn’t it always seem as though the end of summer suddenly appears? How many of us have heard, or said, in the last week, “the summer just flew by!” As we all ready ourselves and our families for the new year, setting new routines, establishing new bedtimes, and buying school clothes, it is important to remember what the new year can mean to children. It can mean excitement and eagerness, or anxious anticipation and apprehension. In Chilton House, we respect and understand this range of emotion, especially on behalf of those children who walked into school today for the very first time, wide-eyed and curious, about to start their academic journey.

Everything we do in Chilton House celebrates the profoundly important balance of emotional growth and academic growth, from the way we shake hands with your child to start the day, to the way in which your child’s ideas are valued and encouraged in the classroom, to the way in which your child is encouraged to make choices that promote self-sufficiency and empowerment. While I am new to EMS, what is happening in Chilton House is truly a reflection of what is happening throughout our EMS community.

For those of you who are new to EMS, we are delighted to welcome you into the learning community. For returning families, we welcome you back! And, just as young children did when The Elisabeth Morrow School opened in 1930, your children are about to venture on a path of wonderment, exploration, growth, and achievement that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning.